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Many of Us Alive Today -- and our Freedom -- Will Be the Collateral Damage of this War on COVID19

I ran into one of the most inspiring people I've ever met on the street yesterday. She sees what many of us around the world are beginning to realize -- Under the cover of waging a war on a virus that's never been formally isolated, the global pharmaceutical/medical cartel and our governments are conducting a war on Us.

As I have explained in this blog before, Big Pharma -- by their preferred modus operandi of treating only symptoms, never the underlying causes of our illnesses -- have created a very expensive "underclass" of disabled and damaged citizens. This was very profitable for a century or so, but now this burden has become unsupportable for government welfare funding and Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid and the VA Hospitals.

Unlike how insurance funds should be invested in profitable enterprises, government programs have been quietly run like Ponzi schemes. To make things worse, those funds were lumped into the U.S. Government's general fund and squandered on wars of doubtful value.

Our country has effectively been living on "our credit cards" -- our enviable position as the global "reserve currency" -- but now this situation is being challenged by China, Russia, and Iran, but also others.

The USA is paying its obligations with newly created money (supported by nothing tangible), and the currencies of Russia and China are largely supported by gold reserves. Comparatively, the USA is functionally bankrupt.

With the growing realization of our poor financial position in mind, a contrived medical crisis based on a purported virus that is 99% survivable by most citizens mysteriously comes to the rescue of our Rulers and the pharmaceutical industry -- with a Carte Blanche to injure or even kill any number of the nation's citizens, beginning with those most vulnerable to both the virus... and the proposed experimental gene therapy.

This is a diabolical and desperate plan, but take note that all the safe avenues currently FDA-approved off-patent drugs provide -- such as Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin -- have been viciously attacked and made hard to obtain. Even many natural vitamins, which the public knows could help, are often sold out.

There is a natural way to solve most of our health challenges, as taught by Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling, Dr. Joel Wallach, and others. Our official allopathic medical system seems to have reached a new agreement with most world governments to produce a "vaccine" with potentially deadly & disabling side-effects and inject it into the most immune-challenged first, but also our medical professionals, pregnant mothers, and even children.

When disabled strangers we meet see clearly that they are being viewed as a "cost-center" for society -- and are targeted for early vaccination and/or extermination) -- it's time to read between the lines and disregard the lies we're being told about the origin of this virus. BlogDiabetes Symptoms Magic Blog

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Looks like spring is here. 😃

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Been 80’s this week and pushing 90 next week in South Florida, I think we’re done dipping into the 30’s down here. 

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no idea. I think were thru it though. 

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very cool man. You might have mentioned this before and I missed it but how big is your place?

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attention Florida Growers; are we done with freezes here? What do you think? I'm ready to start pruning up some trees big time

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Thai Senate passes bill removing kratom from narcotics list

The Senate on Tuesday approved an amendment bill removing kratom from the narcotics list in its third reading, a step closer to households being allowed to grow up to three kratom trees each for daily use, Justice Minister Somsak Thepsutin said on Tuesday.

Mr Somsak said the next step is for the Senate speaker to forward the bill to the House speaker, who would submit it to the cabinet. The cabinet send the legislation to His Majesty the King for final approval. He did not give details of how the Senate voted in approving it. 

The bill will become law 90 days after it is published in the Royal Gazette.

Mr Somsak said supplementary laws would regulate the cultivation, possession, use and sale of kratom. The draft regulations were being considered by the Council of State, the government's legal advisory body

SAMUT PRAKAN: The first 200,000 doses of Covid-19 vaccine arrived from China and was received by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and high-level officials at Suvarnabhumi airport on Wednesday morning.

Once the supplementary laws were in effect, people detained for using and selling kratom would walk free, he said.

Kratom, or Mitragyna speciosa, is a tropical tree, part of the coffee family, with medicinal, stimulant and psychotropic properties. It has been categorised as a Class 5 narcotic, meaning it could not be legally cultivated, imported, exported, sold, possessed or consumed without a permit.

Kratom has long been used in traditional medicine. However, its effects when abused made it popular with young people as a recreational drug - a reason why it was included in the narcotics list.

Mr Somsak said in order to grow kratom for daily use, people would be required to get permission from local administrative officials, which included village and tambon chiefs.

Each household would be allowed to grow no more than three kratom trees. If cultivation is for industrial or commercial purposes, they would have to get permission from the relevant government office.

Three kratom trees would produce about 750 kilogrammes of fresh leaves. Each kilogramme was about 400 fresh leaves and worth about 500 baht, he said.

In countries such as the United States, a kilogramme of dried kratom leaves may fetch about 4,250 baht. If powdered and in capsules, it cost about 5,600 baht/kg.

Mr Somsak said he supported kratom being an economic plant.

Two online gambling websites busted

Two more virus cases in Ayutthaya, one linked to Pathum Thani market

Five rescued, four missing as trawler sinks

He had assigned the Office of the Narcotics Control Board to study up on the prices, so as to be able to properly control production. Kratom would fetch a high price if supply is controlled. The price would go down with oversupply, he said.

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@pete2000 Thanks man! I really like how this video turned out.