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@roadkill said:

<p> one more thing I noticed about this stuff is I don't get the crash I normally get three four hours into it. On most of the other stuff that I've used right at 3 or 4 hours I could take a good nap and so far this stuff isn't doing that</p>

 That's a good piece of info. Thanks for the report and giving me hope for potent kratom someday. Kratom moth agrees

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break out the coffee grinder and sieve 😁

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oh, please do make some tea and let us know tomorrow.  😉

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how is the potency? We all wanna know 

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@robert194622 Thank you for sharing your testimony on kratom.  Many of us feel exactly the same way as you do, and many are close. I shared briefly on my profile page, my rear-ended car collision, which sent me on a long path 💊💉🤯🙏🌲to finding kratom. Ask us anything here. We don't judge. ♥️

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I like reds by night....

 ...and reds by day too! I 🤪😀😉 that triple super phosphate can make anything bloom, in a pinch. Literally a pinch is all it takes.  

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great photo. They look happy. The reddish color is highly desirable. 

 Autumn colors rock!