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Nice awesome arrangement there on the farm. Lots of hungry trees. Looking good. 

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@Laurie @will is very aware of the chat bug. He will have a chance to fix it once he has the game out in public beta but that is the priority atm. He is going to be replacing the current chat system and changing it to a facebook style chat heads so it is easier and cleaner to access and use. 

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@boogaboi444 said:

<p>I live in W.V. Kratoms not regulated here but am about to buy some kratom from overseas? Does anyone know the legality of that ?</p>

 I've order bales from Pontniack(?) Indonesia, and they've arrived 2~3 weeks later. Usually paypal, or wire, etc. Start with sample, and worked up to 20Kg . Admittedly I've not been burned yet 🤯 but it is legal here. Postal workers know me by  now, but used to look at me funny when I'd pick up these tight bales.  🤪

Natuna Kratom iirc

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One of the members on the double m site maintains lists of US and Indo vendors. I don’t think the Indo one was updated this year, but you might find the 2019 one useful.

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@boogaboi444 there is a bug where you need to close and reopen the page 3 times. It's best that you close out of what ever way you accessing the app. And reopen the app and try again.