[GUIDE] How to use the forum

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  1. Check out the Activity Feed/ Most Recent Posts
  1. Post an introduction here

Post here if you have any questions or issues with any of these steps.

How do I see whats going on within the AKA Forum quickly?
Our activity feed/ recent post list contains all the most recent posts, and is the first stop for anyone looking to get involved in the community.

@will Thank you, will continue to look at the forum. Do you mean that I'll receive a weekly email with all the new topics and comments made to each category in the forum? I see the main topics, ie Kratom Consumer information and each has sub topics beneath.

@flashburn Exactly, Flash! 0_1547070239076_tea.gif
There are 6 Categories

Recent Posts
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Kratom Advocacy Efforts
Kratom Consumers Information
Kratom in the Media

Under each Category are Subforums
Under each Subforum are Topics
Under each Topic are Posts

If you are looking for the most recent posts you will go into the "Recent Posts" Category.
If you are looking for our latest Advocacy efforts you will go into the "Kratom Advocacy Efforts" Category.

I hope this helps, Flash 0_1547074477194_smile.png