Today's a sad day

Unfortunately today at court I was told I can no longer consume kratom for my pain and mental health needs and that if I continue they will sanction me and not allow me to graduate drug treatment court ending in me serving a lengthy prison sentence. I'm not sure what to do now as I also cannot be on any controlled substances. This legal system is so broken

Wow! I'm really sorry to hear this!
What are you going to do?
What State are you in?

I am so sorry to see this happening to you, leudious. While I haven't known you for very long it has been long enough for me to like you. This is pure tragic & I can't even begin to know the frustration you are feeling right now. I can only hope that you will not discontinue coming here as I will miss you if you do.
At the moment all I feel like doing is ... 0_1547163839409_hurt.gif

If I may be so bold, how much longer do you have left, leudious?