Today's a sad day

  • Unfortunately today at court I was told I can no longer consume kratom for my pain and mental health needs and that if I continue they will sanction me and not allow me to graduate drug treatment court ending in me serving a lengthy prison sentence. I'm not sure what to do now as I also cannot be on any controlled substances. This legal system is so broken

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    Wow! I'm really sorry to hear this!
    What are you going to do?
    What State are you in?

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    I am so sorry to see this happening to you, leudious. While I haven't known you for very long it has been long enough for me to like you. This is pure tragic & I can't even begin to know the frustration you are feeling right now. I can only hope that you will not discontinue coming here as I will miss you if you do.
    At the moment all I feel like doing is ... 0_1547163839409_hurt.gif

    If I may be so bold, how much longer do you have left, leudious?

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    I'm sorry, really very sorry!
    Have you heard of akaumma seed, incarvilla sinesis, or a couple of others? I dk the law, or about the legality of those other herbs, but even Tumeric can provide some help

  • @leudiousflash
    Wow!!!! Are they testing specifically for it? So sry to hear this!!!! Our judicial system and it’s biased workers are truly a disgrace! The word “rehabilitation “ should not be associated with the system in any way bc it’s non existent in the judicial branch

  • @leudiousflash but kratom is a legal substance just as flax seed oil or tumeric etc. A court can tell you youre not allowed to take a legal substance? News to me.

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    @Kevin-Light Unfortunately, a court can. So can a P.O officer and rehab facility or halfway house. They can do it, because most likely you've signed and agreed to certain terms which do not go by what's legal or illegal. Abstinence only policies suck, but they're out there regardless of legality. Alcohol is legal too, but certain places can put conditions on not drinking too.

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    As always, Biz is ahead of me but he is absolutely correct. Just because a substance is legal does not mean that you cannot be court mandated NOT to use it.
    Consider this; Cannabis is legal in Oregon, you take a pre-employment UDS (Urine Drug Screen), it comes up positive for cannabis, the company you are applying for has their own policy against cannabis (Yes, they CAN do this, it's their company) & guess what? You do not get the job. You can apply this to people; on probation, in half-way houses, pain management clinics, etc ...
    Hopefully, you understand this better between what Biz has said & what I just said. Far too many people just assume that when a substance is legal it does not matter if it shows up on a UDS.
    not a good one ...

  • @kevin-light
    Yes especially in drug court!! You are not permitted to consume alcohol either, which is legal! The judicial system is a joke and drug court especially is borderline unconstitutional