I wonder if it will ever be possible to change the kratom law in Alabama? Is the AKA making any efforts to get it changed?


Dear itzatwist:

Thank you for being an administrator on this discussion forum and keeping accurate information flowing. Your role is very crucial to apprehensive and desperate Kratom consumers like myself.

Starting with the AKA organization itself and its efforts to organize the 'wild west' Kratom market as well as investing in accurate science studies, legislative efforts and holding town halls with state legislatures to defend Kratom, and now the establishment of this discussion forum, the Kratom community continue to coalesce.

For a long time, I felt as if I was alone in my consumption of Kratom for pain and did not realize how many people were exactly like me; a common, ordinary person, trying to live life with chronic pain and having no effective alternative but Kratom.

The downside to this has been the halting legislative efforts to have it scheduled, either nationally or state-by-state. For consumers like myself, life became an emotional roller-coaster full of 'what-ifs'. Now what do I do if it is scheduled?

All this is to say that through the efforts of the AKA, its leadership and folks like yourself, we are becoming a united community. I have noticed that in the summer picnic game of tug-of-war that when people are pulling on multiple sides, no progress is ever effectively made (there are no real winners), but when everyone is on the same side of the rope, there is no limit to the progress that can be made and everyone can win.

With my extreme gratitude to the AKA, its leaders and the forum administrators, for their clear and honest assessments of situations we are facing as well as NOT GIVING UP on any state, when it be one that has temporarily banned Kratom or not.


Yes, the AKA is working on overturning the law!

This is really fantastic news. Great we have AKA on our side.

Always, Vincent ... the AKA has never abandoned our brothers & sisters in the banned states. With the new standards; GMP Program, labeling & age limits along with standing firmly behind Unadulterated Kratom only there is great confidence that we, the kratom community, can win this War, even in banned states.

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You have an amazing gift with words, Professor, & you have said everything that I too have experienced as well as believe ... Thank You for that.
I could go into the story of why I, a dedicated Forum-dweller, even set foot in FB, but I was so on fire after the 2016 showdown because of how amazing the AKA was during that battle in our ongoing War. However, I don't put words together as well as you. Like you, I also had no clue that so many people had found what I found, a precious Leaf with the ability to give life back to those who suffer ... the revelation was stunning. So many of us, before this, had lived quiet lives in the shadows & I will not lie, I miss that but you can't keep Magic, especially the kind of magic that kratom has to offer, bottled up forever. PLUS there are/were too many people suffering that could benefit greatly from the blessings kratom has to offer. So, our genie is out of the bottle & there is no putting this genie back in ... so now we must fight to keep our magic.
It is a real pleasure to have met you, Professor ... I Lov your way with words so promise me you will never stop, ok 0_1548801265267_smile.png


Dear Ms. Gilpin:

Thank you very much for the greeting. It is very nice to be here and to be so kindly befriended. I am glad we have such a powerful group and I am grateful you are an administrator of the forum.

Looking forward to our many discussions....


I think that the AKA is fantastic and I want to thank everyone for their work and efforts put forth to keep kratom from being banned. I must say that I don't understand how anyone would claim that a natural plant is deemed something that needs to be a scheduled drug. This really makes no sense at all. Anyway I hope that justice will win out because kratom has been a great help to me and I am very glad to have found this remarkable non-opioid herbal plant. Since when does politics become more important than the health and well-being of mankind?

@the_professor very inspiring and I agree with what you said. Pretty excited to see our kratom forum grow, for knowledge, to not feel so alone, but to be shoulder to shoulder, with other consumers, standing up for truth and freedom.

Nice to have you here.

Thank you for your compliment for the hard work that the AKA and their staff does!
Although we know that they are out there and working on our issues: Federally, State law as well as in cities and counties..., its nice for them to hear!
I really appreciate it!

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