Finally blooming

@roadkill Yeah, lots of everything buzzing around them 

 this ain't a honey bee?!?  and what is this? this too... three competing for nectar, and only one is a true bumble bee! 

@guywithtrees. idk, but I'm sure they are getting pollination going on.

you posted a video sometime back I believe on how to identify if a seed pod has been pollinated. Could you post a link to that. I now have to learn what that looks like

it's weird, one of the trees only as a couple of branches that are blooming and it is already starting to slow down. The other one also only has a couple of branches blooming but it is going gangbusters

@roadkill yah its that time of year. make sure you rub all those pods. 

@guywithtrees what do you mean by rub all the seed pods?

@roadkill when they are in the white, yellow, orange petal stage. You want to rub those together so that they become fertilized. Otherwise your relying on the bees to help you out. 


The bees know when to fertilise these blooms, and here are seeds within the fat pods...

This one has a few infertile seeds...  looking closer...

  and this one seems to have every seed fertile below...and looks like a Corona virus too  the seeds are tiny and not dry or mature yet... I'll get my microscope to see closer and inside.

There is still time to cross-pollinate the Malay,  Indo, Thai,  and Vietnamese trees, and maybe create a Florida favoring potent hybrid super tree

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@peteypyro is  Thanks for all those beautiful pictures. I look forward to you breaking out your microscope and looking inside those.

I now also have one of my Borneo trees have started to Bloom. This is a young 1 it's probably only 3 years