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Hello, so I use Kratom for all things health 😅 I am passionate about it and I’d like to bring awareness to Alaska. I really want to share the Benifits with those who can really use it to better their lives! There are so many fears attached to it. I may also be pursuing a Kratom business here in Anchorage AK. I think one may gather that it would be a challenge to grow it here other than growing indoors. What I really want to know for the time being is what is the cleanest/safest, hard metal free, supplier to buy Kratom in bulk? I also like the idea of fresh leaf but may need to hold off til a customer base is established. I currently buy from I know they provide lab test results but I have not yet learned to read them. Any advice is abundantly appreciated 😁 look forward to hearing from the Kratom community! 

@chasz-eats-kratom HI. Just post lab results here, and I'll gladly walk you through them 

line by line.

@peteypyro thank you! I’m still getting used to the app. Seems like it’s more for desktop😅 

@chasz-eats-kratom Thank you very much! 

 the metals, especially nickel and lead, aren't great, but acceptable. The mitragynine is good, above 1% is good. The 7-hrdroxy mitragynine is a bit low, so this kratom is a good morning tea type for me. Not so sedative-like from a high 7-hydroxy mitragynine level, and a high enough mitragynine level for most other kratom effects. Nice.

Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor, just a mad scientist!

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@peteypyro hey I really appreciate the analysis breakdown! I love this strain because I can use it in the morning and it wakes me up and I can still take it before bed 😊 it’s a white strain so it’s pretty good for energy but has a nice subtle euphoria. Not too happy to hear about the Lead but if you think it’s not too high then I’m happy with the product. It’s from

@chasz-eats-kratom🤔 I get more mercury from tuna, and lead from eating paint chips, than I ever could with that kratom. 😁

 the next generation is coming soon..  real soon ..