Does anyone know where to buy good, healthy seeds? I am itching to grow some new trees to add to my menagerie. Thanks :)

Seeds are VERY hard to start. Cuttings are available a few places.

@amhs_monkey try cuttings. They have 50x better success rate. I'll save you seeds, if you want. I have Indonesian, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia kratom. All bloom in julyish. Buds are showing early...

 last year they went crazy..  lots of seeds...  and caterpillars that look like leaves!

@peteypyro thanks! That would be awesome, I like the challenge of growing them from seeds for some reason, I have only tried growing a cutting once from my bumblebee but was unsuccessful, but I should give it a try again, thanks :)

Hey AMHS! Yes here are some links to our sales site. 

Kratom seed pods

Unrooted Kratom Cuttings

Rooted Kratom Cuttings